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SAFETY IS ALWAYS THE FIRST AND FOREMOST CONSIDERATION WHEN SHOOTING. Ignorance, stupidity and carelessness about safety issues are not tolerated!

NEVER load your gun until you are in your shooting station and it is your turn to shoot.

The Board of Directors may adopt special rules or policies regarding range usage. These rules or policies will be published in the newsletter and posted at the ranges. Range Officers or match officials may modify some rules or policies for supervised matches or activities.

  • Members are strongly encouraged to correct or report any unsafe act or behavior by other members or guests as soon as the behavior or activity is noted. Self-policing is the only way we will be able to continue operating with our current freedom to shoot! To report an unsafe act or behavior, contact any Range Officer, Division Representative or Board member, or voice mail (382-2238).

  • Some members have been selected by the Board to serve as Range Officers. These members will be patrolling the ranges at various times. Failing to cooperate with, or correct an unsafe condition as directed by a Range Officer, can result in loss of membership.

  • Certain Club members have been selected to take care of individual ranges. Any trash on the ranges should be placed in the barrels provided, but burning should be left to the range caretakers.

  • Any unauthorized use of any Club range is prohibited. Non-members found on the ranges without a host member may be prosecuted for trespassing.

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed at any Club facility. Any member in possession of a firearm and who is under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at any Club facility will be expelled from membership permanently!

  • All pets must be on a leash and under the control of the owner. Please control your pet and clean up after it.

  • No fully automatic firearms may be used on any Club range without the prior written permission of the Board.

  • No one under the age of 18 shall be permitted to use any firearm without direct adult supervision. All laws relating to possession of firearms by minors must be observed. Any guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. A member is wholly responsible for his or her own children.

  • Anyone performing illegal activities, or who possesses illegal weapons, on Club facilities may be expelled from the Club.

  • No one is permitted to use Club facilities for commercial or media purposes, or is authorized to make statements to the media on behalf of the Club, without written authority from the Board.

  • Some events may be open to the public and may require temporarily closing ranges or facilities for general membership use. Your cooperation in these circumstances is appreciated.

  • All Club members must recognize that shooting sports and the equipment associated with them are inherently dangerous, involving the potential for serious injury and death, and that others may be using firearms at the Club’s facilities at the same time. Members must also recognize that they are solely responsible for their own safety while they are using the Club’s facilities and, while the Club has enacted rules and regulations promoting the safe use of its property and equipment, these will not assure their safety.

Club members assume all risks associated with using the Club’s facilities, whether they are the result of their own acts or those of others. As a condition of membership, Club members must voluntarily relinquish all claims which they may have now or in the future against the Club, its officers, directors or members arising out of their use of the Club’s property or equipment.

The Club is a voluntary private organization. It has an absolute right to enact and enforce rules governing the use of its facilities, and it is every member’s responsibility to know and follow these rules. Any member who damages any Club property may be required to clean up any mess and replace any damaged items. Members who do not comply with the Club’s rules, or do not use the Club’s facilities in a safe manner, may have their privileges to use the Club’s property and equipment suspended or terminated.


Southern Michigan Gun Club is a private club. Members are permitted to bring guests, but all guests must read and sign a Request to Use Club Facilities and Waiver of Liability form and pay non-member rates for shooting. All guests, whether spectators or participants, must be accompanied by a member when shooting at any Club range and the host member will be wholly responsible for that guest. Any guests under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Non-members are welcome at sanctioned events.

A non-member who shoots more than four times at the Club should be encouraged to become a member. It is up to you to share with your guests the great value and benefit of being a Club member!

Michigan State Gun Regulations

In addition to state laws, the purchase, sale and, in certain instances, the possession and transportation of firearms is regulated by the Gun Control Act of 1968, as amended by the Firearms Owners Protection Act. Cities and localities may have their own firearm ordinances in addition to federal and state laws. Details of local laws may be obtained by contacting local law enforcement authorities (Kalamazoo). You can also visit Michigan's Department of Natural Resources for more information on MI laws.

Range Safety Officer (RSO)

The RSO program allows our club to provide open shooting times to members on the weekends and some weekdays. RSOs are trained to NRA standards and certified by the NRA. Once RSOs receive their credentials from the NRA they may be scheduled for up to 5 shifts a year at the lower ranges. Since they have received formal training in the safe operation of a range the RSOs enjoy access to the ranges outside of scheduled shooting times. The next time you are at the range make sure and thank the RSO for volunteering.

Some members have expressed an interest in becoming an RSO. We are reviewing our RSO master lists to see if there is a need to train more RSOs. If a class is scheduled information will be posted on the website and in the Lock, Stock and Barrel.

Self Supervised Shooter (SSS)

The SSS program allows members with an appropriate amount of training and/or experience to enjoy access to the ranges outside of scheduled shooting times.

The SSS program detailed description and application can be found here.

Indoor Range Rules & Map

  1. Lead bullets only are permitted; no jacketed bullets may be used.

  2. The maximum velocity for centerfire handgun ammunition is 900 fps. No magnum loads may be used (change springs if your pistol does not function properly). Low or standard velocity .22 caliber rimfire rifles and pistols may be used.

  3. Only paper targets may be used; other targets must be approved by the Board before use.

  4. Hearing and eye protection are required by everyone on the range,
    including bystanders in the gallery area.

  5. Safeties must be on, actions open, firearms benched and untouched when anyone is downrange.

  6. Firearms must be pointed downrange at all times.

  7. Malfunctioning firearms must not be moved from the shooting booth until the Range Officer has been shown that the firearm is clear and in safe condition.

  8. The Range Officer’s range commands ("Make the line safe," "Cease fire," etc.) must be followed at all times.

  9. Children must be under the control of a parent or guardian at all times. They must not be allowed to wander about the premises.

  10. When finished shooting, take down all targets and place unwanted targets into recycling boxes. Pick up or sweep up all cases. Sweep up all dirt and trash and place into trash containers.

  11. Make sure the kitchen area and all coffee cups are cleaned. Make sure all coffee pots are turned off and cleaned up. Please ensure the air compressor is unplugged, and both lights and heat are turned off or down.

  12. No dirt, cases or garbage are to be placed into the impact pit.

  13. No shotguns, centerfire rifles, or muzzleloaders are permitted in the Indoor Range.

  14. No pets are permitted in the Indoor Range.

  15. No dark or simulated night shooting and no exploding targets are permitted.

  16. All targets must be placed so that the bullets impact the backstop.



Outdoor Range Rules & Map

Please Note

The outdoor range may only be used at certain times when supervision is provided. However, shooters may elect to qualify as a Self Supervised Shooter. This enables the member to use the lower ranges at any time that the outdoor range is open.

Changing to supervised shooting will require a significant increase in the number of range officers required to allow for adequate shooting times.  Because of this, a few SMGC members and an NRA instructor have volunteered to train, schedule, and manage the newly created position of Range Safety Officer (RSO) certified as such by the NRA.  The number of range officers that volunteer for this position will be directly related to the number of scheduled shooting hours that become available to members.  

Shooting Hours

The shooting hours at the Outdoor Range are as follows:

  • Rifle & Pistol:: scheduled shooting only. Check Lower Range Calendar for shooting times

  • Shotgun: Tuesday & Thursday 5:00 PM -9:00 PM and Sunday 9:00 AM to approximately 1:00 PM (depending on activity level

*check local newspaper for sunset times
Other organized shoots may begin at 9:00 AM with Board approval.

Every member must sign in and sign out when using the rifle and pistol ranges. A copy of range rules will be posted at the gate. Members must lock themselves both in and out of the outdoor range except during scheduled Club events. Failure to sign in before using the rifle and pistol ranges may be grounds for revocation of membership.

About the Gates

The Club controls access to the Outdoor Range through the use of  locked gates.  These gates are secured atall times (except during scheduled Club events) so that unauthorized use of the range is minimized and more uniform application of Club rules for safe range use can be made. NEVER loan your prox card or key to a non-member.