SMGC BOD 2018 Election Results



Opening Statement:
Hello, I’m Dale Drake and I’m running for my fourth term as President of the Southern Michigan Gun Club.

I have been on SMGC’s Board of Directors (BOD), in various positions, for thirty consecutive years and I’ve had a life-long passion for firearms and all things shooting related. I have worked closely with many past presidents and my goal is to promote SMGC’s path to being the last gun club standing. I fully support continuing firearms education and training to promote a safe and positive environment for both members and guests.

As President, I will support all of SMGC’s shooting venues and continue the encouragement of organized shooting sports for our members. I am excited for the upcoming year as the BODs have many improvements and projects on our agenda.  Hopefully you have seen some of the projects and repairs we accomplished during 2016.


  • Twenty-nine consecutive years on SMGCs Board of Directors.
  • SMGCs Membership Secretary 1999-2012
  • Director of Indoor Pistol 1984-1994
  • Civilian Marksmanship Director 1995-2000
  • SMGC Junior Rifle Coach 1996-2006
  • SMGC Center Fire Bench Rest 2008-2012
  • NRA Certified Rifle Coach Level (2)
  • NRA National Coaches Development Staff
  • High Power Rifle Master Classification
  • International Air Pistol Master Classification
  • Indoor Pistol Master Classification
  • Outdoor Pistol Expert Classification
  • International Rapid Fire Pistol Expert Classification
  • International Standard Pistol Expert Classification
  • 4-Position Indoor Rifle Expert Classification
  • 3-Position Indoor Rifle Expert Classification
  • 3-Position Outdoor Rifle Sharpshooter Classification
  • International Free Pistol Sharpshooter Classification
  • International Center Fire Pistol Sharpshooter Classification

Professional Memberships:

  • Benefactor member NRA
  • USA Shooting member
  • Michigan Rifle and Pistol Association member
  • Kalamazoo Rod and Gun member
  • Paw Paw Conservation Club member
  • 2013 volunteer at the NRA national convention




Intention: Position of Vice-President

Club History:

  • Joined SMGC – 1995
  • SMGC Newsletter Editor 1999 -2004
  • SMGC Practical Pistol 2000 – 2004
  • SMGC President 2004 – 2008
  • SMGC Vice President 2008 – Present

Professional Experience:
Thirty-six year with tenure with NCASI, an independent, non-profit research institute that focuses on environmental topics of interest to the forest products industry. 2008 till current: Regional Manager at NCASI and Adjunct Professor at Western Michigan University.

Educational Experience:
B.S & M.S. degrees from Western Michigan University.

Club Experience:

  • Held various BOD positions at SMGC since 1999.
  • Modernized many aspects of the club including the newsletter, bullet containment, safety and liability issues, lead migration, and relationships with adjacent property holders
  • Currently act as liaison between SMGC and NRA attorney
  • Currently act as liaison between SMGC and Van Buren Sheriff Department
  • Currently act as liaison between SMGC and neighbors
  • Currently act as liaison between SMGC and Almena Township
  • Implemented Best Management Plan for lead contaminant testing at IR and OR
  • Supporter of bullet containment systems at both properties
  • Supporter of air gun ranges

Vision For The Club:
As a lifelong hunter and shooting enthusiast, my primary goal is to protect Second Amendment rights as well as the continued modernization of SMGC's facilities and to promote the recreational and organized use of firearms.





Pointed Bullets:

  • Joined Southern Michigan Gun Club in 1986
  • Proud Gallery Pistol competitor for many years
  • Terrible Skeet and 5 Stand participant
  • Really stink at 40 Bore Matches
  • Closely supervised at Action Handgun matches
  • Fascinated with, but baffled by Pneumatic Rifle matches
  • Given a rubber-band gun and surrounded by fellow Vets who stay between firing line and me at Centerfire Rifle matches
  • Given directions to the wrong site for all Ladies Division events (midnight in Mishawaka?!)
  • Broke all my arrows at 3D Archery and didn't replace them
  • Board Member with a two-year gap since 2004 as Vice-President and Recording Secretary
  • Successfully collaborated with Bob Eisenberg to re-open and expand the Action Handgun Pit (This had never happened before. Eisenberg, not the Pit)
  • Led effort to design and implement Safe Shooting Facilities with "No Blue Sky" Baffles, Range Safety Officer program and Self-Supervised Shooting
  • Relentlessly sought to identify and implement safe, fun and lasting programs and events that members will feel comfortable trying out and becoming proficient in
  • Special Interests includes discovering and expelling self-centered members who don't put the entire club membership first in all deliberations
  • Developed and insist on Master Plan adherence to professionally determine club priorities
  • Strongly encourage ALL members to get involved in club activities and not be a mushroom like I was for twenty years
  • A vote for me will not be a vote against George Haus. He's Membership, I'm Recording Secretary




Club Experience:

  • SMGC Member since 2004
  • SMGC Treasurer 2009 - Present
  • SMGC RSO and Past Shotgun Desk Volunteer

Professional Experience & Educational Background:

  • 14+ years experience in Accounting/Finance and Real Estate Management
  • Accounting / Finance Consultant to several local small businesses in diverse industries
  • BBA - Western Michigan University, Accountancy Major, Minors in Finance and General Business

Shooting Experience:

  • 20+ years experience shooting Skeet/Trap/Sporting Clays
  • Past West Michigan Pistol League competitor
  • Rimfire Rifle / .40 Bore / NRA Highpower / Air Rifle Competitor

Vision for SMGC:

  • Ensure that SMGC funds are used efficiently for the benefit of our members by investing in improvements to our facilities and expanding the number of events and shooting opportunities available to our membership.
  • Continue to grow SMGC's membership base through recruiting, community involvement and partnerships with related organizations.
  • Emphasize safety as the top priority in everything we do as a club.




As the Membership Secretary I have been responsible for:

  • Maintaining the club membership data base
  • Preparing, mailing, receiving, and posting the annual invoice for dues
  • Recruiting new members
  • Conducting semi-monthly New Member Orientation meetings
  • Receiving and responding to e-mail and telephone contacts to the club concerning member and membership questions
  • Attending all Board of Directors meetings

Short Resume of Southern Michigan Gun Club activities:

  • Joined Southern Michigan Gun Club - 2000
  • NRA member 1995 - present
  • NRA certified RSO
  • Member of the first group to be trained as an RSO at SMGC Southern Michigan Gun Club
  • Membership Secretary 2014-present
  • Shotgun Sports Head 2010-present
  • Backup SMGC Lawn Mower 2011-present
  • Have competed in Steel Plates, Action Handgun, Action Shotgun, Benchrest 22, Benchrest Center Fire, 40 Bore, Air Gun, Skeet

What I would like to accomplish this year:

  • Increase the number of slots available at our New Member Orientations so that our club can grow
  • Create opportunities for members to experience shooting sports/activities that they are not currently involved in
  • Expand opportunities for youth activities in the shooting sports at our club
  • Help design and come to fruition a 200 yd. rifle range
  • Convince the Board of Directors that we should all wear a bright pink name tag so that we are recognizable to our members when we are at the club




If elected, as Safety Officer, my master plan is to ensure the safety of our members whom rely on us to properly map out, create, maintain, and build upon our indoor and outdoor facilities.

Included in my master plan is a "plan of action" whereby we facilitate our membership with appropriate access to our facilities, during shooting hours, as well as special events.

Within this plan would be an expansion of our Range Officer program as well as our Self-Supervised Shooting program.

Today, from my personal experience, and that of many whom I meet at On Target and at SMGC events, the shooting range stations are available to member shooters and/or guests only if the member possesses a selfsupervised shooter certificate. Otherwise a member shooter and/ or his/her guests are not allowed to use the gun range facilities unless a range officer is present.

Today, the range officer-officiated shooting times are often inconsistent with the times that many members have available to use the ranges. As such the member is either unable to shoot or simply violates the range rules, which does not benefit the shooter or SMGC.

Most, who have mentioned their concerns over available shooting opportunities, clearly understand the club's need to assure control use of the facilities, manage risk and liability, and do their best to assure the safety of our members and guests. These same members also expect that they will be able to use the facility during open hours within the scope of their membership. Frankly I am one of those members.

As such I would reach out to and work together with the Training Officer and our Board Members to ramp up our self-supervised shooter classes, which would enable many anxious shooters to be properly educated on our club rules, safety measures, range etiquette, and their personal responsibility for themselves and guests.

When those who attend the classes are certified I believe we will have a far more sincere and responsible shooter making use of our facility and many more satisfied members who are the heart of our organization AND certification should lessen our Club's potential liability at both our locations.

Further, I would continue to work with the Training Officer and Board Members to enhance the Range Officer program whereby we would provide additional incentives for new recruits as well as current range officers. Those incentives could be monetary or otherwise. Frankly, there are over 1,000 members many of whom may be more than capable and willing to join and participate in the program if they we completely aware of the program, its value, and their value to SMGC members as volunteers.

Again, the stronger the Range Officer programs the less potential liability the Club faces.

The majority of my career has involved the oversight of various forms of risk assessment and risk management and as such I believe I can help assure the safety of our members and our organization throughout my term. I cannot accomplish all our initiatives alone; it will be a combined effort and one I believe can occur over the course of the coming year.

I thank you for your consideration of my offer to serve as Safety Officer for the upcoming term.





  • Professional Truck driver for 38 years. Retired for the last 5 years, I had 1,750,00 accident free miles.
  • Southern Michigan Gun Club member in good standing for 15 years.
  • Life member of the N.R.A.
  • Vice President in charge of logistical operations for the South West Michigan Air Gun Club since 2011.
  • Avid reloader of 22 different calibers and enjoy sharing my knowledge with anyone who wants to learn to reload for economic reasons.

I enjoy participating in the following competitions and or divisions at the Southern Michigan Gun Club. 40 bore, Gallery pistol, Rim Fire Bench Rest 50 yard outdoor, 50 yard outdoor air gun bench rest, Center fire bench rest, Air rifle bench rest 50 foot (indoor) and air rifle Field Target matches. I was instrumental in developing a solution to allow air gun field targets to be utilized at the Southern Michigan Gun Club. I was tasked to keep the reactive targets off the ground and ended up developing a system that did that and also vastly improved the ability to transport and store those targets efficiently.

Now that the bylaws have been changed I am asking for your vote for one of the 3 seats as an "At Large" board of directors member to allow me to further serve the club that means so much to me.

Should you have any questions I can be reached by e-mail @ or by cell @ 269-720-9845.

Thank you in advance for your support!



Kurt was nominated from the floor of the meeting last year.



Opening Statement:
My cousin introduced me to SMGC in the summer of 2007 while I was still living in Los Angeles.  After moving back to my hometown area of Otsego/Plainwell in autumn of 2007, I visited the club as a guest where I learned more about what the club has to offer.

I have been a member of SMGC since June of 2010 and began attending BOD meetings soon thereafter.  I was curious about the inner workings and organization of the club, and was hooked immediately after my first BOD meeting.  Coincidentally, the club was in need of a redesigned website at the time, and from my experience in web development since 1996, I volunteered to help bring the club into the 21st century with an updated, attractive and streamlined website with better functionality along with a secure "Members Only" section.

Aside from my interest in the administrative functions of the club, I enjoy a range of various shooting sports and activities SMGC offers, and have increased my knowledge and skill level in the Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol & Air Gun groups of activities.  A gun club is not only a place to send rounds down range, but it is also the perfect place to learn from other members.  I was never in the armed forces.  I am not the product of a family where gun knowledge was passed down to me from my father and grandfather.  Having the ability to observe and learn from fellow responsible gun owners, from types of guns and ammo to proper shooting form and technique, is invaluable to me.  Although competition in the shooting sports is an enjoyable aspect of participating, what is more important for me is self-improvement.

When I learned the club will begin appointing SMGC Directors at Large with voting privileges I realized I could help the club more and become involved in future club administrative duties.

My vision for the club, and where I believe my life experience can be of use to the club, is

  1. Help organize and implement more media technology projects the club can use for NMO meetings, various classroom/instructional settings and online.
  2. Look for ways to better reach out to less experienced new members joining the club, and instill gun safety and responsibility in hopes of developing a more competent gun owner to participate in our club's shooting sport activities.

Gun Club Memberships:
Gun River Skeet & Trap – November 2007 – 2010
Lakes Area Conservation Club – Guest November 2007 - 2009
Southern Michigan Gun Club – July 2010 – Present

Professional Memberships / Certifications:
Michigan DNR Hunter Safety Education Certificate
Michigan CPL
Lifetime Member NRA

SMGC BOD Member:
Director at Large – 2014 - Present

Club Experience:
Redesign the club website
Online member renewal system
Online events management/booking

Club Committees:
OR Roadside Signage
OR Flagpole
NMO PowerPoint Presentation
Club Virtual Tour Presentation