You may find these Frequently Asked Questions helpful.


How can I become an SMGC Member?
Six times a year we welcome 30 new members who want to join our gun club. This is our NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION, and we review range rules and history with those in attendance. This is also the time where each new member pays their year member dues and is given a Gate Key Card (proxcard) which opens the electronic gates in the club. To register for one of the 30 spots per New Member Orientation, you must register for it on our SMGC EVENTS page. Follow the instructions, and we'll see you at the next New Member Orientation. You will find a Membership Application as well as a Fee Schedule on the JOIN SMGC page. You can also find the Club Brochure and the Club Handbook.
There are no spots available for the next New Member Orientation. Can I show up for the scheduled New Member Orientation and join then?
Due to the number of club board members conducting the New Member Orientation, we strictly limit the number of attendees to 30. This helps our instructors share the important information about the club, as well as answer any questions. We find this number of attendees to be ideal for both the instructional period of the New Member Orientation and also the range tour.
I'm not an SMGC Member - can I still come to the range and shoot?
Events open to the public are listed on the club CALENDAR. Some events have a restricted number of participants, so you must always check the event details well in advance before arriving. MEMBERS ONLY events will state so in the event details, and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC events will state so in the event details. Some events may be restricted to students, organizations or a select group related to the event's activities. Again you need to check the event details for any contact information or specific instructions.


What are the arrowhead restrictions at the Archery Ranges?
NO BROADHEADS except on your own, or designated, targets.
What are the shotgun ammunition restrictions at the Upper Range?
SHOTGUNS ONLY may be used at the Upper Range Skeet, Trap, 5 Stand stations and at the Manual Trap Machines.
  • Skeet -- Maximum gun size is 12 guage. Maximum shot size is 7½ (7½, 8, 8½, etc.)
  • Trap -- Maximum gun size is 12 guage. Maximum shot size is 7½ (7½, 8, 8½, etc.)
  • 5-Stand -- Maximum gun size is 12 guage. Maximum shot size is 7½ (7½, 8, 8½, etc.)
  • Hand Thrower (Manual Trap Machine) -- Maximum shot size is 8
What are the handgun / rifle ammunition restrictions at the Indoor Range?
Velocity limit is 900fps - lead or frangible bullets only [plated bullets (Rainier, etc) may be used] - no jacketed bullets allowed.
  • 22 Short, Long & Long Rifle Rimfire
  • 25 ACP
  • 32 ACP, 32 S&W Long, 32-20 WCF
  • 9mm (may be reloaded to 1000fps)
  • 38 S&W, 38 Special, .380 ACP, 38-40 WCF
  • 40 S&W
  • 10mm Auto
  • 44 Special, 44-40 WCF
  • 45 ACP, 45 Cold, 455 Webley
All lead remanufactured ammunition purchased at On Target may be used.


Where can I find the club Calendar for SMGC Members?
We keep only one club calendar, and that lists events for both Members and Non-Members. Click the Event Title to see the event details, and you will see whether it's Members Only, or Open To The Public.
How do I find the RSO schedule on the Calendar?
You will see labels on the Calendar called "RSO SCHEDULE". These are downloadable documents with the schedules for those days.
I don't understand what the event is on the Calendar.
Again, you should click on the Event Title so you can see all of the details associated with that event. Things like event fees, Members Only/Open To The Public, Ammo Restrictions, etc will all be described. Most events will also have a contact listed in case you have further questions.


I am a club member, how many guests am I allowed to bring with me to shoot at the range?
You can bring as many quest as you like but only two can shoot at a time with you being their Range Safety Officer (RSO), and under your close supervision. A Guest Waiver Form must be completed for each guest you bring, and presented to the RSO on duty. You can usually find the Guest Waiver at the RSO shed next to the lower ranges (rifle and pistol). Sometimes the supply runs out, so before you come to the range with your guests, download a copy from the Member Resources page (you have to be logged in to the Member side to get this document), fill it out and bring it with you.
Is my wife considered a guest, or is she covered by my membership as well?
Your spouse, who is not a member, is welcome to shoot, but you, as the club member, must be present. If there is a member fee for the event your spouse can pay the member fee. Your spouse will not have the benefit of full membership privileges (ie voting rights at club meetings, etc). If you find your spouse regularly shoots with you then you should consider applying for another club membership for him/her. But remember, the club member MUST be present at all times and is responsible for their guests.

The same also applies to children of the club member who attend and shoot.
I am moving. Is there anything I should update with the club?
Absolutely! Please keep the club updated with your new mailing address. If you choose to receive the postal version of the newsletter, we need to know your new location.

If you are moving too far to remain a member, we'd like to know as well so we don't send important member mail (renewal notices, etc) to the wrong location.

Also, if you are not going to be visiting the club anymore we'd appreciate it if you could send your Gatekey Card back to us in a regular envelope.

Please send to:
809 East Crosstown Parkway
Kalamazoo, MI. 49001
I'm bringing a guest(s) to the range and sometimes there are not enough Guest Waiver Forms to fill out.
Not a problem! On the RESOURCES page of the website you will find a printable copy of the SMGC GUEST WAIVER FORM! Print one out and complete the bottom section for each guest you are bringing, and just drop them at the shed, along with your guest fees, when you get to the range.
When do Membership Renewals happen?
We usually send out SMGC Membership Renewal forms in the mail by the end of May and beginning of June. If you haven't received your renewal form, check the member side of the website for important announcements regarding possible delay in sending out renewal forms.
My church group/accounting department/little league baseball team would like to hold an event at SMGC.
Great! Download a copy of the SMGC BOD Proposal Form located on the RESOURCES page and fill it out. Use additional pages if you need. Come by the next SMGC BOD meeting (first Wednesday of every month at the ODR Clubhouse) and present your proposal. Please be as detailed as possible in describing your event needs, purpose, schedule, head count, organizers/moderators, etc. Be prepared to field questions from members in attendance.

The board will decide to discuss further, or possibly even have enough details to make a motion to take a vote.

We welcome proposals which encourage the organized shooting sports, and facilitate the safe handling and use of firearms to assure the continuation of the organized shooting sports through competitive sponsorship, applicable training, and safe facilities.

Good luck!
I completed my SSS application and submitted it. I haven't heard anything back yet.
There are no monthly meetings for SSS Orientation. The BOD Officers will announce the next SSS Orientation after they receive enough qualified applicants to hold an orientation. Whether you are chosen to attend the orientation or not, you will receive a letter/email informing you of the SSS Application decision.
What do the acronyms I see on the site & Calendar stand for?
Here are many of the acronyms used at the club.
  • SMGC -- Southern Michigan Gun Club
  • BOD -- Board of Directors
  • ID or IDR -- Indoor Range (Downtown Kalamazoo)
  • OR or ODR -- Outdoor Range (Mattawan)
  • SIG -- Special Interest Group
  • AGR -- Air Gun Range (Mattawan)
  • UR -- Upper Outdoor Range
  • LR -- Lower Outdoor Range
  • CPL or CCW -- Concealed Pistol License or Carrying Concealed Weapon (Permit)
  • CMP -- Civilian Marksmanship Program
  • S&T -- Skeet & Trap
  • GOFF RANGE -- 25yd range on the far end of the Lower Range
  • PISTOL PIT or PIT -- Fenced-In Handgun Range after the Lower Range gate and to the immediate left
  • WMPL -- Western Michigan Pistol League
  • AHG -- Action Hand Gun - also refered to as Action HG
  • Gallery -- Gallery Hand Gun
  • 3D Archery -- 3-Dimentional Archery Course
  • RF -- Rimfire
  • CF -- Centerfire
  • ML or BP -- Muzzleloader or Blackpowder
  • TAC -- Tactical
  • NMO -- New Member Orientation
  • SSS -- Self Supervised Shooter
  • RSO or RO -- Range Safety Officer or Range Officer
  • CSO or SO -- Club Safety Officer or Safety Officer


What time is the Indoor Range open?
The Indoor Range (IR or IDR) is open only during scheduled events taking place at the Indoor Range. Every scheduled event will have an RSO on duty, and the Indoor Range is only open when an RSO is on duty.

You can see when the Indoor Range is open by checking the Calendar.

Usually from April to September the Indoor Range will be closed, and will reopen from October to March.
Why won't my ProxCard open up the Indoor Range?
Member access to the Indoor Range is only during scheduled club events with a supervising RSO on duty. If there is an event scheduled at the IDR and you want to participate, you must press the green door buzzer and you will be let in. You must also sign the IDR Shooter Log Book at the RSO station and submit your $5 range fee (or whatever the fee is for that particular event). Before the event begins you must report to the RSO on duty for the event safety briefing and to learn of any special instructions or procedures for that event.
What are the handgun / rifle ammunition restrictions at the Indoor Range?
Velocity limit is 900fps - lead or frangible bullets only [plated bullets (Rainier, etc) may be used] - no jacketed bullets allowed.
  • 22 Short, Long & Long Rifle Rimfire
  • 25 ACP
  • 32 ACP, 32 S&W Long, 32-20 WCF
  • 9mm (may be reloaded to 1000fps)
  • 38 S&W, 38 Special, .380 ACP, 38-40 WCF
  • 40 S&W
  • 10mm Auto
  • 44 Special, 44-40 WCF
  • 45 ACP, 45 Cold, 455 Webley
All lead remanufactured ammunition purchased at On Target may be used.
Can I place a target closer to the shooting line at the Indoor Range?
Yes you can. Once the firing line is called SAFE the Range Safety Officer will help you assemble the special target stands. You can mount your paper target on the large cardboard backing attached to the target stands. Make sure the top of the target stand sticks are no more than ½ way on the target cardboard backing (you will see an example template hanging on the wall next to the RSO station). This will make sure the bullets are impacting the back stop in the proper place.


How do I report unsafe activity I witnessed at the range?
You have four options.
  1. You can locate the RSO on duty and report the activity.
  2. You can call the club phone (269) 382-2238 and leave a detailed message with contact info. Most likely the SMGC Safety Officer will want to contact you for more details, so it is important you leave contact info.
  3. You can download a copy of the SMGC Incident Report, complete it and either hand it to an RSO, CSO or mail it to: SMGC, 809 East Crosstown Parkway, Kalamazoo, MI 49001.
  4. You can EMAIL the Club Safety Officer (CSO) from the contact list along the right hand side of any of the main pages on the Member side of the website. If you do, please make sure you follow along and include all the items listed on the SMGC Incident Report available on the RESOURCES page.