Archery Special Interest Group
SIG HEAD: JOSH BRUYSTENS   [Scroll down for ARCHERY Calendar and Announcements]


Archery Course


  1. Adult supervision required if under 18 years of age while on this range.

  2. No Broadheads except on your own, or designated, targets.

  3. Bows must be drawn on level plane or from below back berm.

  4. Downrange must be clear of range users before nocking of arrows.

  5. Do not aim nocked arrow above level downrange.

  6. No horseplay on or near this range.

  7. If no RSO present, a responsible adult will take charge.

  8. No handling of bows while others are downrange.

  9. Line will be made safe for target checks and arrow retrieval.

  10. All range users will remain within sight of the shooting line.

  11. Should an arrow leave the range, retrieval will only occur after archery range is closed.

NOTE: Special, non conventional shooting events require Board Of Directors approval.

3D Archery

3D Archery Course


  1. Cost - $5 Members & $8 Non-Members.

  2. No broadheads.

  3. Leave one target vacant between shooters.

  4. All shots must be executed with one foot on the paver for that position; two positions for each target.

  5. Stay on the trail when walking to shooting positions.

  6. Keep bow pointed downrange when arrow is nocked.

  7. 5min maximum time looking for lost arrows.

  8. Do not move shooting pavers.

  9. No sky drawing - you must be able to draw on level plane.

  10. To prevent injury, lube arrows for easier removal.

  11. Report safety issues to SMGC Safety Officer or any board member immediately.

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Note: Special, non-conventional shooting events require Board of Directors' approval.