CMP Special Interest Group (Civilian Marksmanship Program)
SIG HEAD: GLENN JANKOWSKI   [Scroll down for CMP Calendar and Announcements]

2016 CMP Schedule - SW Michigan Regional Matches


The goals of the CMP (formerly DCM) are:

  • To introduce shooters to the fun and rewards of high power rifle shooting.

  • To provide a safe, supervised, educational environment so shooters can participateand improve their marksmanship skills.

  • To provide shooters with an opportunity to qualify for the CMP rifle purchase program. (The high power rifle course is open to the public).

Course of Fire

The course of fire will consist of 50 shots in four stages:

Stage 1—Standing- 10 in 10 min;

Stage 2—Sitting / kneeling- 10 shots in 60 secs

Stage 3— Prone- 10 shots in 70 secs;

Stage 4— Prone– Two strings of 10 shots, 10 min. each

Rules: CMP or NRA high power rifle match rules will apply.

Rifle: The use of a centerfire rifle with metallic sights and a magazine capable of holding not less than five rounds (US military service rifle is recommended).

CMPEquipment: A sling may be used in all positions except standing. Telescopic sights, hook butt plates, and palm rests are not permitted.

Ammunition: Any ammunition except tracer or incendiary rounds, is permitted.

Safety: All range and safety rules apply.

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Note: Special, non-conventional shooting events require Board of Directors' approval.