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There are handgun shooting opportunities at SMGC throughout the year. We offer introductory classes, range practice, target matches, falling plates, action courses - something for every type of shooter from novice to expert.

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Action Pistol Match Results – June 20
Posted: June 21, 2016 at 4:08 pm

Here’s the results of tonight’s Action Pistol Match if you guys would like to send them out to the group , the club and/or put it in the newsletter or website.

The June action pistol match took place on Monday June 20th in the Pit.  The turnout was a little lighter than usual, maybe because the weather was not only iffy, but also blazing hot.  We had 4 different stages setup inside the 3 bays.  The challenges including shooting moving targets, steel targets, shooting from behind cover, shooting one handed (dominant & support hand only), as well as targets that appeared out of nowhere.  Below are the results from our 2 divisions (8+1 and 10+1).  Thank you very much to those that helped to make this a great evening of shooting.

8+1 Division
Tim Bunch            98.17
Curt Bunch          102.71
Mike Baca           103.17
Mic Wespinter     114.43
Dave Geiger        131.88
Bob Thomas       140.38

10+1 Division
Mike Baca           94.63
John Clark          103.47
Dennis Stuart     153.07
Cory Bailes         173.57

Handgun Essentials Level II
Posted: June 12, 2016 at 3:56 pm
Pistol Essentials Level II Class Graduates and Instructors.

Pistol Essentials Level II Class Graduates and Instructors.

On Saturday June 11 the Handgun Essentials Level II was held in the pit. This class helped the students learn many of the necessary skills that need to be developed to handle a pistol as a concealed carry.

Some of the things they learned:
  • Fast target acquisition and shooting – the first person to shoot usually carries the day in a conflict. Be that person.
  • Getting off the X. X is where you are standing when a conflict starts. Learn to move off the X while drawing and getting into shooting position fast. Move side to side, forward and back. Also the kneeling position, how to get there.
  • The loudest sound in a gun fight is “click”. We’ll work on malfunction drills to get you back in the fight fast.
  • Fast reloads – review techniques gain confidence. Reloading is down time. Down time is bad if it takes to long.
  • Pivot drawing and shooting. Back to the target, how to properly pivot, draw and quickly be on target.
  • 1 handed shooting, weak and strong hand. We’ll also discuss 1 handed reloading. If you are down to 1 hand in a fight, how do you do that?
  • We set up a course set up so students ccould use much of the above in an action sequence. See how it really plays out when we put it together. Challenging and fun.
  • Final shoot off. Using steel targets with some friendly competition.

You still can sign up for the next Level I & II on a single full day format. See the club calendar for July 9 or email John Clark at johnc7482@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

May 16 PIT 3 Stage IDPA Club Match
Posted: May 15, 2016 at 8:54 pm

On May 16 we will hold a 3 stage match in the PIT for IDPA. Not only will the event be a load of fun, we will have some of the stage action on video via a drone. You can get a wonderful picture of how things work from another angle than normal. Even if you don’t shoot, come and watch. It will be fun.

Handgun PIT IDPA Training with Mike Baca
Posted: April 24, 2016 at 5:08 pm

It was another great day with Mike Baca. We have a wonderful resource with Mike who always provides excellent quality and instruction to our club members. Never miss a chance to learn from this experienced shooter in both IDPA and IPSIC/USPSA competitive shooting disciplines. On April 23rd he held a 4 hour class at not cost for SMGC members to learn the basics of IDPA Competition Shooting. Those completing the class received their 101 card to participate in shooting events for all of southern Michigan.

One of our newest members, Marc Beauclair, won the overall shoot off. Marc just recently completed the Essentials Pistol Level I class and took honors. Nice job Marc!


IDPA 101


Frosty Revolver Match
Posted: January 24, 2016 at 2:44 pm

Thank you Jim Yanna for organizing a great match for shaking out the winter stand down time for handguns. The Frosty Revolver Match at the In Door Range had 16 shooters and a lot of fun.

Sunday Plate Match with Revolvers.

Sunday Plate Match with Revolvers.

Note: Special, non-conventional shooting events require Board of Directors' approval.