Shotgun Special Interest Group
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Skeet is played with two machines, one in a low house and one in a high house (the designation of high and low relates to the location of the machine in relation to the ground). The openings of the houses face each other, and the targets are thrown with no side-to-side or up-and-down variation (except for wind). The shooters shoot a total of 25 targets in varying sequence from seven stations arranged in a semicircle between the two houses, and one station located exactly between the houses.


Trap is played by shooting five shots from each of five stations (25 targets) located 16-27 yards behind a trap house. A trap target is thrown at an unknown angle from the house. The targets may be thrown with a set or varying height off the ground.

Registered Shooting and Other Competitions
The Shotgun Division offers registered competitive shooting in skeet. All registered shooting is sanctioned by the National Skeet Shooting Association. In addition to registered shooting, the Shotgun Division also holds "fun shoots." These are open to all shotgun shooters.

Manual Trap Machines
There are two manual, 3/4 cock, hand traps located on the shotgun ranges. These machines may be used any time when the trap and skeet ranges are not being used. The maximum shot size is 8. While clay targets are occasionally available for purchase at the Outdoor Range clubhouse, members should plan to bring their own targets. Instructions for using these machines are posted near them and must be followed. The machines should be covered when not in use.

Want Some More Info?

Check out the infographic at the NRA that can help make things a little bit clearer.

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Note: Special, non-conventional shooting events require Board of Directors' approval.