Women Special Interest Group
SIG HEAD: JEAN DeSAVAGE   [Scroll down for WOMEN Calendar and Announcements]

The purpose of the Women’s SIG at SMGC is to offer introductory knowledge and techniques in the safe handling and use of all firearms.  This division is open to all new shooters that would like to participate (including non-members) with an emphasis on introducing women to the shooting sports.

Organized events are generally scheduled monthly (check our newsletter) and are structured to help you become comfortable with various firearms and build confidence in your abilities.  Six NRA certified instructors are available to assist your progress in safety and shooting skills.  The skills you learn will enable you to actively participate in all the shooting activities that SMGC offers.

Firearms and ammunition are supplied (a portion of the ammunition is provided by the NRA Foundation/Friends of the NRA via a grant to the Women's Division of SMGC - ammunition is also donated to the Women's Division by On Target Sports), but you may elect to bring your own.  The match director for each event will have the final approval over the range and guns used.  According to the scheduled shoot for a particular month, all club rules and regulations as well as division rules and regulations will be strictly adhered too.  All scheduled events will be opened by a safety brief and description of the “course of fire.”

These women regularly volunteer their time to help others with the shooting sports.

Shoot like a Girl ... If You Can!

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Note: Special, non-conventional shooting events require Board of Directors' approval.